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  • Hi, sorry for the delay.... I am doing much better in dry climate. It has to do with pancreas and low immune system.. some fungi probably like candida....

  • Thankyou!!!  She's gone now! :)

  • Hey Nathan, I did get the Magimix, and I can tell you that they blend greens really well. It was the best blender I've ever owned, really quiet too. I say "was" 'cause unfortunately mine stopped working one day, and because I purchased it in the UK but live in Bulgaria I wasn't covered by the warranty. It's sitting in my kitchen and one day I'll open it up and see if I can fix it myself. Right now I'm using a supercheap stick blender. If you are going to be getting one from your country of residence I wouldn't let my tale put you off. I've heard of plenty of Vitamixes conking out too, and if you are in warranty it's probably gonna be OK as they have a pretty long warranty period. All the best, Richie.

  • <p>Hi, thanks for the add. You like Mr. Scruff, cool?! :)

  • Hey Nathan,

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Sunshine in Britain eh, what is the world coming to! :)

    It looks like Danii has deleted her account and content. I know she wasn't suspended or anything, so it must have been her decision to leave. It's a shame as she was a great member - hopefully she's doing ok.

    Have a lovely evening, Esperanza

  • thank you for your response!  i do think b12 has something to do with the iron deficiency, i really need to start taking a supplement but i have a little bit of hesitation and fear there..anyways, good to be friends :)

  • hi nathan, just wanted to say thank you again for your responses - very coherent and helpful information and advise - cheers dude :)

  • Hi if your in the south west of England or you can make it this way, i have created a meetup group  raw vegans & fruitarian with a twist of open mindedness... join us for face to face upcoming meetups:

  • Hey Nathan,

    That was very nice of you to drop me a note, thanks a lot! :)

    I think I do get, and I do respect your opinion, I guess my main concern is that things not sort of devolve into a "freedom of expression"-protest type of thing.

    Every now and then people feel really constrained by the policies here and I think they start to feel like the goal is to have a bunch of 80/10/10 drones marching lockstep. That's really not the case and anyone can send Freelee or DR a message with their concerns.

    The main reason for those guidelines and policies are to try to keep the direction here cohesive. With over 10,000 members, it could devolve into confusion here pretty quickly. Even with the policies as narrowly focused as they are, I still see lots of people posting about confusion as to how they should eat, sleep, drink, exercise, etc.

    Like I mentioned, for me it is a LOT easier to just jump in with both feet, especially if following the sleep, calories and water guidelines. I've tried transitioning as well as jumping in and jumping in was a lot easier for me. I mean it's tougher short term mentally, but once you get rolling, it is so much better and easier. I always hope that people who are struggling with cravings etc. will just give biting the bullet and jumping full-in a try. The foods like condiments, coffee, soda, cooked vegan with salt etc. Just seem to make a person hungrier and hungrier  for the old style of eating they used to do.

    Would transition work better for some people? I'm not sure and at least from my own experience it was harder. Since the intention here is to help people become 100% LFRV as successfully as possible, I guess they have just chosen to not have transition support be a part of that. I mean sure, let's be realistic, there are probably plenty of people here who are trying to transition, it's not like we're going to search those people out and ban them or something. But the discussions here are centered around the 100% LFRV lifestyle, more or less undiluted, just to keep things more focused.

    I've seen some grumbling around DR's opening up the LFCV sub-forum, but I really think this is a big step in the inclusive direction because some people just cannot reliably get good fresh fruit! I think it's probably a lot better for them to be eating rice or potatoes than going back to a SAD diet, not everyone can up and move to where the fruit is. DR mentioned in one of his videos that it is not ideal to eat rice or potatoes, but if second best is all you have access to, then that's just what it is.

    If you can think of a way to frame transition, somehow we might be able to work it into the main focus of the site, without having it end up clashing with the existing guidelines, like how they did the LFCV sub-forum, maybe you can write it up and send it to Freelee, she's always open to suggestions. She may say no but she certainly will look at it and give it a lot of thought.

    Thanks for the heads up on the race, I'll try to tune in tonight if I can. We've been without power for almost a week, so it's put a monkey wrench into my watching anything, probably a good thing :) That's exciting about Dave Zabriskie!

  • Actually, HCRV is all about natural hygiene. Great site:

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