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Hi ya'll! OFF GRID PERMACULTURE VEGAN HoListik Organik, Govt is defined as mind control literally in Latin!

Hi, thanks for having me!!  Are there others spiriutaly awake to the hoaxes/facades/lies of this realm and system?  Message me if u want to get off grid as well and be in a veganic permaculture way, and free of cell phones, electric grid etc. Offerin

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12 Replies · Reply by Terra PLana Viganik Permakültur! Le Go! Feb 19, 2021
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In 'Northeast, Amerika'. Holistik VegonΩ Travel, Bakpaking Partners? Off Grid, Tropiks

Hi ya'll, wondering if other like minded, straight spirits/sOLs are looking to leave this artificial, hoax, govt mInd Kontrol skam, and hed tU thE tropiks and find a holistick, off grid spot near the ocean and mountains, maybe somewhere in oaxaca or

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1 Reply · Reply by Terra PLana Viganik Permakültur! Le Go! Feb 3, 2021
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How do you handle cravings?

Its been almost a month, I've been fully raw. So far, I haven't had cravings. But today, I had some intense cravings for some dense food. I didn't fall off the wagon, but I am just wondering - how do you handle cravings, without using willpower?


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6 Replies · Reply by Jay Jan 30, 2021
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Grocery Haul!

Very proud of my grocery haul for the next couple days, although the pomegranates are from my own tree. it's always hilarious checking out at the grocery store, because I buy all fresh produce. The looks on their faces is hilarious! they just can't b

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7 Replies · Reply by Jay Jan 25, 2021
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